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Ladies Online mail order brides from Russia

Ladies from Russia are famous for being a unique blend: they are feminine without being docile, beautiful without being modest, traditional without being prudish, independent without being demanding, passionate without being promiscuous.

Their culture encourages marriage quite early, and many russian ladies dream of finding their soul-mate outside their home country.

On the other hand, to find beautiful, educated girls who actually seek the kind of traditional role which many western women reject, is the dream of a great many men. The ideal, for a russian lady, is marriage, a home, and children.

There are many personals and dating websites which cater to bringing the right men and women together, in the hope of finding 'the one'. The quality of personals site management varies, but the central message is that the women using them are not prepared to cheapen themselves. They want more than dating. They are looking for men who want loving, traditional, committed relationships, so you will probably be given short shrift if they realize you don't want the same thing.

Russian ladies for marriage

Ladies from Russia are generally more openly flirtatious than western wife, but beware of dating and personals sites which don't make clear that this is not all about being a pushover. A personals ad is intended to lead to dating, and dating for these women is intended to lead to marriage.

The divorce rate for marriages between western men and women from Russia is lower than the average in the west, and alongside the romance, there must be practicality. Dating and personals sites which discount this can lead to a lot of heartache.

In particular, they should never allow you to feel that you are 'buying' a bride, or 'doing her a favour'. Mutual respect is the key here.

It is a huge commitment for a young lady from the typically close Russian family, to leave her home and go to a strange culture. She is not necessarily mercenary, but she will be taking a big step into the unknown, and will have to feel that, if she does this, you will be fully committed to taking care of her, and if need be, supporting her financially, if she does not have the means of having her own career in your home country.

Or if indeed, you prefer a more traditional role, with you as bread-winner. For most girls, this will mean children, so don't be coy about whether or not you want to be a father, perhaps for the second time.

Russian ladies, while charming and warm, are notoriously honest and open – this is not intended as bluntness or rudeness. It's simply that they dislike deception. Expect to speak out about what you want, rather than being reserved and hoping she will guess.

Honesty and openness is especially needed in a 'cross culture' situation. Nothing should be left to guesswork. Russian ladies love romantic gestures at least as much as any other lady, but they come from a culture which likes to get the practicalities sorted out first. Most men who have married a lady from this region say that this applies to her behaviour, too – they enjoy high standards of housekeeping, are very much dedicated to keeping their man happy, are devoted mothers, and enjoy keeping themselves attractive.

One other thing: for all the same reasons, you must be sure that you are getting the very best from your chosen dating site, so read the personal ads carefully. Don't just be taken in by a pretty face. There will be interesting, charming, and exciting cultural differences... but make sure you share the same basic values, especially about what a relationship means to you.

Online romances can become intense very quickly. Most young Russians speak at least some English, and the best sites have an automatic translator on their 'chat' facility, so you can actually have conversations with the girls who catch your eye on the site, before progressing to videocalls. Before either of you becomes too emotionally involved, be sure to use this to talk as well as flirt!

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